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Before I started working with Eric, I already had a few years of training experience, but my training plans were pretty packed; I was doing every accessory exercise I could think of without getting any closer to my actual goals. My goals are to achieve a freestanding HSPU and full front lever while getting stronger all around. With Eric's help, I am now actually training effectively towards these goals and my workouts have actually gotten shorter. Eric has shown me that less can be more. Even when my shoulder was acting up, as it has in the past, Eric reacted quickly and we adapted the training so that I can continue to work on my main goals despite this limitation. He is generally very responsive, even at very short notice. I have the feeling that I have a great point of contact regarding anything training related at any time of day. What I particularly appreciate about Eric's coaching and plans is that it's an evidence-based no-bullshit approach. You can tell that he knows a lot about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. If you know his youtube videos, then you already know that you've come to the right place.


Eric is a fantastic coach. He was exactly what I needed to clarify my mess of training goals and ideas into a clear and focused plan. Our conversations taught me a ton about how and what to prioritize most in my training by making smaller adjustments rather than constantly changing everything or losing the main focus of the plan by doing too much. I've done a lot of program hopping and combining and I appreciated immensely how, as I would bring up new ideas and exercises I could do, he would often say we should hold off to maintain the focus and potency of what we were doing. It really taught me so much about how to properly train consistently while maintaining intensity. He is very knowledgeable on not only Calisthenics from his personal experience and his experience training others, but on exercise science in general and keeps a close eye on all the relevant studies coming out. Many times I would bring up my ideas or concepts I had used in choosing my exercise selection and he would help sort out which of my ideas had scientific backing and which had been shown to be not as important as we thought. Having a coach so knowledgeable and focused, plus the fact that Eric did an incredible job at being available often and answering any and all questions I had about my training made the whole experience one I'm very glad to have had. I'm very glad I found Eric and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for extra help on their Calisthenics journey.


I procured the consulting services of Eric, as I required advice and guidance towards my free-standing handstand, without which I couldn’t make progress towards my ultimate goal of handstand push-ups. I have started with a one hour consultation, during which I found Eric to be very knowledgeable and professional in his presentation. I have implemented what we spoke about and, although early days yet, things are looking promising. I would recommend Eric to anyone having problems progressing towards their calisthenic training goals.


Eric is the companion I had always wished for in this quest for a strong, agile body able to move freely in space. I struggled before to create a system working for me and I was plateauing, despite being very disciplined and have clear goals (handstands, muscle-ups, HSPU). This created a lot of frustration and made me consider stopping calisthenics completely. This is why I reached out to Eric. Since this I have made progress in all areas, got much stronger (example being a consistent handstands & repping 50kg dips for reps) but most importantly found back the joy of training. With fitness as in life, things do not always go as per plan. You test different strategies, see if they work and then adjust accordingly. And it takes patience, a lot of it. Especially for long term goals such as the ones I have. Having this one partner in this journey with a lot of experience and knowledge to guide me has therefore been instrumental in me still being on this path, enjoying the process, step by step. I am also thankful for the open discussions we have where we can share feedback and where he always takes the times to explain his choices, so you learn as much as possible along the way. It's been 6 months and I am looking forward to the next six ones!


Eric is an incredible coach. I came to Eric seeking some guidance in my calisthenics journey as I was having some trouble balancing the demands of my training, martial arts, and work responsibilities. As a strength coach and physiotherapist myself, I was looking for a coach that would work with me in a collaborative way and consider my multiple other responsibilities and commitments while helping me to still progress in my calisthenics. Eric went above and beyond my expectations with the quality of his coaching service. He was extremely detailed, thorough, and adaptive throughout the coaching process. Not only did he help me with prioritizing my goals, but he also worked with me every step of the way to tweak my program to fit my lifestyle, and other day to day demands that can impact recovery. Whenever I encountered a roadblock, or an old injury cropped up, Eric was able to adjust on the spot and adapt the program in such a way that would address the injury and keep me progressing. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and so passionate about his work. In a matter of 3 months, I was able to go from a very shaky and inconsistent 1 rep of HSPU to 2 consecutive reps of solid freestanding HSPU’s, all while significantly progressing in my planche, front lever, overhead press, weighted pullup, and squats and deadlifts. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next 3 months of coaching brings! I highly recommend his coaching services, whether you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner, have lingering aches and pains, or really at any point in your calisthenics journey. Eric will help you find a starting point appropriate for you and progress you in a smart, effective, and adaptive manner that’s specific to you and your goals!


I completed the three month training package with Eric and I am choosing to continue with Eric for another three months. Before I began training with the personalized routine from Eric, I hadn't consistently worked out in a few years. I was hesitant at first because it was my first time having a trainer and I was concerned about errors or miscommunications that occur over digital connections versus in real life. However, Eric was very reassuring for the reasons that he is responsive and communicates clearly, he is well informed on physiology, and he provides a lot of positive reinforcement with direct constructive feedback. Although it is expected not to see major size gains after three months, I have gained five pounds, I am more toned, and my strength gain has gradually progressed each week or every other week. I am grateful to have connected with Eric and for his reassurance and reminder that it is a journey to reach my skills and physique goals.


I started to train my split with Eryk nearly 6 months ago and my flexibility has massively improved. There are days where I can touch the ground effortlessly. Eryk is a great instructor and very empathetic. He always listens to my concerns and adapts the training to how I feel or what I can achieve. I am an aerialist and a physiotherapist. To me good evidence based technique and exercise are the foundation of my training. Eryk managed to create a meaningful and tailored exercise plan to help me get more flexible and strong in my upper body. I really recommend him if you are looking for specific training or if you have a set goal in mind.


Eryk occupies that elusive middle ground in personal training between the rigorously evidence-based protocols of a distinguished sports science professional and also the human touch of a friend. When I was first looking for a personal trainer I had reservations about online coaching, perceiving it as distant, hands-off: more or less a second rate service. Maybe this is something you are worried about too. However! I defy you to find any local personal trainer who can bring such a fastidiously learned approach to calisthenics. He will introduce you to a birds-eye view of periodisation that is conspicuously absent in a lot of calisthenics discourse, which often narrowly focuses on the regression and progression of skills without building a solid foundation. However, Eryk brings with him a truly erudite grounding in anatomy, biomechanics, periodisation, and physiology that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your programming. That being said, if you’ve landed on this page it’s probably because already know what a theory savant Eryk is through his YouTube - and are more interested in knowing what he is like on an interpersonal level. Eryk is endlessly patient, considerate and supportive. When I first started working with him I wanted to build strength for calisthenics bar dance, so quite a big goal, but was also dealing with chronic insomnia and a shoulder impingement. So not exactly hitting the ground running. He managed to accomodate the scale of my goals while also being understanding of my health issues. All yielding great results: at the beginning I think I could do 5kg weighted pull-ups for 5 reps, 6 months later it’s tripled to 15kg! With my sleep and shoulder issues, he even went as far as wanting to understand how this was affecting me on a day to day basis so he could make the training as bespoke for me as possible, which made me feel very supported.

Jonas (Simple Calisthenics Founder)

To offer the best calisthenics programs to our users at Simple Calisthenics we collaborated with Eryk on developing our algorithms for creating individual programs. Eryk has a tremendous knowledge of sports science, anatomy, and anything related to calisthenics. He is super responsive and reliable to work with. Not only did he advise us on many different programming-related questions but he also showed great ability to understand topics outside of his normal expertise area. For these reasons, I’m happy to continue working with Eryk on various projects in the future.


After doing my own plans for quite some time I realized that I wasn’t on the right path. I had a few goals and wasn’t even training towards them. After the consultation with Eric I realized that I had so many mistakes and I needed his help. As a Trainer myself who works in a gym I can still learn from Eric. I can really tell that he loves what he does and he is well informed about calisthenics. There are so many other people in this industry but none has taught me the reasons for everything we do. He knows so much about biomechanics and even the very complex stuff about muscle and exercise. Because I’m studying that kind of topic I’m really interested in knowing every single thing about what I’m doing. I’m working with a lot of trainees as well and need to educate myself from Eric to apply the knowledge in my work-life. For people who are highly interested in biomechanics or anything about training I would highly recommend Eric as your coach. The only real reason I wanted him as a coach was for his knowledge in handstands, one arm pull up and front lever. Now he became my tutor as well. When I have any question about anything he answers me mostly immediately. Even when it’s for my studies. My handstands improved by a lot in these 3 months I’m taking his service. Before my pr was a 16s from wall handstand hold and now I sometimes hit pr‘s without a wall for over 40s. I even had the opportunity to meet him for a coaching session in person. He is one of the friendliest and talkative guys I’ve met. Highly appreciated.


When I first came to Eryk I couldn't do a single pull up despite having the strength to do 10. I had a severe case of golfers elbow, an overuse injury in my right arm. In addition to rehabbing this, I also had the goal of improving my handstand. So who better to go to than a physiotherapist AND calisthenics expert. I found out about Eryk from his YouTube videos, where his knowledge of physiology, biomechanics and strength training principles impressed me. After beginning our cooperation, I saw that his programming was no different. Every detail in the program was carefully considered based on my goals and preferences. I was able to discuss things with him and the result was an effective program that I also enjoyed doing. Within a month I had my first 20 second handstand hold, and within two months my elbow was almost fully recovered and I was doing weighted pull ups again. Eryk was always available to answer my questions and review my training footage if my technique needed any adjustments. Unfortunately I had to end our cooperation due to personal circumstances but I would highly recommend his services if you are struggling to see progress. What I really like about Eryk as a coach is that he is very knowledgeable but he also cares about you as a client, and will take your psychology into account and discuss things with you to help you achieve your goals.


Eric is a formidable coach. He is overflowing with passion for anatomy, physiology, calisthenics and anything relating to you as a client. Eric is a very pragmatic coach and takes the time to listen, truly listen, responding with reasonable and compassionate answers. Eric will work with you not against but with you to achieve the realistic and attainable goals you have set together. When I started working with Eric, I thought I was close to the Floor Handstand push up (HeSPU). Boy was I mistaken! Eric was able to work with me over an 18 month period to achieve my first clean repetitions. Bear in mind I had tried for the past two years jumping from program to program to achieve the HeSPU... Through this period we also focused on general strength and was able to increase my max pull ups from 5 x 12.5kg to 5 x 25kg with considerably better form. Numbers in Weighted rows, weighted dips and OHP also all increased. Putting numbers aside what Eric provided mostly for me was emotional support to believe in myself and keep persevering and showing up week in week out. With that being said he also knew when to be understanding with me and explained to me that it is okay, in fact more than necessary, to take a week off! As a closing note I would like to say that it is hard to put into words the time, energy and care Eric puts into his work. He is not just my coach anymore, he is my irreplaceable friend.


I really enjoyed the consultation and programming with Eric. During that programming period, I was able to achieve a 10 sec freestanding handstand (off the wall) after struggling with it for years and increased my pull ups by ~10lbs. Recently, my goals have switched and I have been focusing on my career now so I booked a consultation with Eric to make a minimalistic workout plan and to get information on how I can progress with a low volume plan. Currently following that plan right now and have been seeing strength go up on a weekly basis. Highly recommend Eric to anyone who's looking for a calisthenics coach!


I can sincerely recommend Eric’s coaching. Practical application based on physiotherapist knowledge. Professional attitude, regular contact and flexible programming adjusted for my goals and how I felt. My training has been adjusted to my capabilities as a 43 years old. While working with Eric I have increased my handstand hold from 5 to 35 seconds and improved my alignment. I can really recommend his service.


I first learned about Eryk through a podcast of his, in which he was discussing elite gymnastic skills. I had never heard anyone talk about bodyweight skills with such nuance while maintaining an empirical and evidence-based approach. I contacted him, and to my surprise, he was very approachable. That led to the first consultation call, which led to the second, and in due time, he was coaching me. I had and still have a very particular program that most people don't have the knowledge to be involved with. Eryk listened and understood where I was coming from and adapted the program to my goals in a smart way. Whenever necessary, he responded quickly with useful advice. He was always encouraging and supportive. I can count on one hand the number of people who can provide equivalent value in the calisthenics sphere.


The amount of dedication Eryk puts into his coaching is frankly impressive. He will make the program taking into account preferences, goals, current abilities and life schedule. He is willing to spend hours on end discussing every decision, plan and the best progressions, as well as making constant adjustments to the plan. Throughout our cooperation, there has also been a fair bit of experimentation to find what program best combines progress with just having fun during training. I do not know what else anyone would want from a sports coach.


During my first meeting with Eryk, I immediately recognized his passion for biomechanics and the science of training. As we discussed his coaching approach and expertise in these areas, I felt a strong resonance with my own values and interests. Working with Eryk has been an immensely positive and impactful experience. His guidance and support reflect the love and passion he has for his work. I feel empowered and motivated to improve and track my progress over time, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and deeply passionate coach.


Eric has demonstrated a deep understanding of calisthenics programming, successfully creating a customized program for me that focuses on my specific goals: advancing my planche, refining my strict muscle-ups, and improving my handstand abilities. What sets Eric apart is his dedication to getting to know your unique training background, objectives, environment, recovery time, and stress levels. This thorough approach ensures that the programs he designs are truly tailored to meet your individual needs. In terms of technique cues, Eric opts for a balanced strategy that provides enough guidance without overwhelming you. This leaves room for trial and error, which I find beneficial due to my prior experience in calisthenics. I've been training with Eric for four months now, and I've made noticeable progress. I've advanced from a tuck planche to an advanced tuck planche, and I've seen steady improvements in both my muscle-up performance and handstand balance durations. Eric has met my expectations by offering a personalized program, helping me fine-tune my techniques, and conducting weekly check-ins to keep me engaged and motivated. This support has been essential, as calisthenics can sometimes be an isolating pursuit. To sum it up, I genuinely recommend Eric as a calisthenics coach. His expertise, commitment, and encouragement will guide you towards achieving your goals while enjoying the journey.


It's easy to navigate the internet and find so much information related to calisthenics but the hard bit is putting it all together into something that is efficient and works. After my recent consultation I was able to have an extremely efficient routine which I have currently been doing for around 4 weeks. It brings together all my goals and I'm excited to see where I will be in a few months.


My calisthenics journey started 3 months ago. I am 31 years old. My sport background was bodybuilding, I had no calisthenics or gymnastics experience whatsoever, so I started looking for a coach online and I ended up on Eric's Youtube channel. I watched his interview with Dr Israetel and topics covered were highly technical and their sound knowledge of sport science and practical experience really caught my attention! I have been an MSK and Sport physiotherapist for several years, so putting science behind training is really important to me. After 3 months of coaching with Eric I can already hold the handstand and I am already working toward handstand pushups! He is very precise and his technical feedbacks are clear. He has great periodization skills. I am the strongest and most flexible I have ever been and in great shape as well! And, on top of that, my acro yoga moves with my girlfriend also improved. I cannot wait to see what we can achieve in the next 6 months.


Before I started working with Eryk, I had many goals. So obviously I had question marks in my mind. During the 6-month period we spent, we reached many goals with firm steps. (100kg dip, 52.5kg pull up, side split training, 90 degree HSPU, Clean HSPUs on the floor, more explosive pull up). I also stepped up to my old squat weights and achieved hypertrophy at a very good level - although I am not a weak link. So, while these goals were achieved, I also gained muscle. Apart from all these; his guidance, kindness and doing his best are admirable. I am very pleased with the information he added and the improvement in my training performance. Thank you so much brother!


I have been working with Eric since january 2021 and we really have a great collaboration. He is an amazing coach and thanks to him I have taken my fitness journey to a level never imagined, and now, well the sky's the limit. What I most have to thank Eric for is giving me a structured way of planning my goals and effectively training for it. After years of training on my own with limited results I was feeling frustrated and I knew I was missing a better method. Following the plan from Eric, I am getting stronger and improving technique every week. We have set ambitious goals like Human flag, Handstand and One Arm Pull Up and I feel on the right path to achieve all of them soon. If you feel you want to start a journey into calisthenics or fitness, I can only recommend working with Eric!


I started working with Eryk half a year ago and am able to attest that his work is simply amazing. He takes into consideration many aspects like lifestyle, work load or personal interest and designs a personalized plan to help one achieve their goal. The structure his coaching gave me boosted many exercises considerably. On top, his knowledge as a physio-therapist helps tremendously when injured. Eryk replies quickly to questions, gives important feedback and his individual work is as detailed as his youtube videos. Overall I can invite everyone to book a lesson to see for themselves how professionalism looks like. Looking forward to where this journey will take me!


At the start of our corporation I was shocked by the amount of dedication Eric puts into his coaching. He has helped me reach a number of my goals in the past few months such as over a minute of handstand hold, full back lever, archer pull ups and handstand push ups! He's great at explaining different movements and his mindset of thinking long-term is exactly what every calisthenics athlete needs.


I enjoyed the consultation from Eryk. He helped me to create an individual long term training plan and taught me how I can adapt and optimize the plan. I can highly recommend his knowledge as well as his very friendly personality.


Eryk has helped me tremendously in my pursuit to achieve gravity defying strength. Upon starting this journey without Frinks, I found myself plateauing very early on. My reaction to this stunt in progress was to work harder, as well as buying courses from the most prominent names in the sport. Unfortunately, this resulted in a severe injury, being a herniated spinal disc. After discovering Frinks, I fixed this structural issue and now find myself making continuous progress towards my strength goals, as well as already achieving some. I have never met a coach to have such an obsessive attention to detail, vast scientific knowledge and commitment to his clients individual needs. I am grateful to have Eryk as my coach and hope to work with him for many years to come.


I started working with Eric in February 2021. At the time, I was trying to recover from a shoulder injury, but shoulder pain kept coming back. On top of that, my front lever progress had plateaued for months. Eric's careful programming has made a huge difference in my shoulder injury recovery and has helped me make a lot of progress in the process. Under his guidance, I've finally achieved my long-time goal of holding a straddle front lever for 5 seconds. Eric's programming is completely tailored to my level, goals and equipment. He frequently checks on how my training is going and helps me to stay motivated. He's always available if you have any questions about the program or calisthenics in general. We've also video-called several times, which has been very helpful for my handstand. With Eric's help, not only have I've got better at calisthenics, but I've also learnt a lot in the process. I'm looking forward to what we can achieve together in the future, and could not recommend him highly enough.


I really appreciate the help with periodization and learning how to train smarter not only harder.


As a personal trainer I contacted Eric because I wanted to delegate my own programming and it turned out to be not only helpful for that but also for the high quality information and knowledge that I learned from our time working together. The insights about training and measuring progress were extremely helpful for my own development as a trainer and practitioner, with no doubt it's the best service for getting accountability and progress in your fitness journey.


Working with Eric for the past year was the best decision I made in all my 7 years of training: I learned a lot about programming and saw great progress. Eric supplied personal attention, with smart planning and careful monitoring, as well as answering any question or wonder I had. I highly recommend him!


To be honest, I wish I had met Eryk before. Eryk is very precise in his feedback and he knew exactly how to improve my technique and how to take me closer to my goals. I soon started to see the results: I became stronger, I improved my proprioception and balance and I progressed in my technical skills. I never thought that I would be able to do some of the things that are part of my routine now. Besides being extremely skilled, Eryk has a solid knowledge of the science of training and programming. Eryk has made me achieve my goals: freestanding HSPU, freestanding handstand for more than 40 seconds and strict straight bar Muscle Up. His friendly, relaxed and professional attitude makes my workouts very interesting and enjoyable! I highly recommend him to anyone.



Eryk has been an excellent coach, he really helped me to get into the right path by programming wisely and purposefully. He has also been very keen to solve any of my questions.